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 Come along and join our Club

Would you like to join a fun loving group of people producing a entry for the illuminated carnivals in Somerset? would you like to learn new skills or do you have skills that could be useful to us if so e mail our secretary and arrange to meet us for a informal chat

from this website you can see some of the ways we raise funds and build our entry, whatever your ability there is always something you can turn your hand to.

We meet every other Sunday at the VINE TREE in Frome we would love to see more like minded people working to keep this age old tradition going

We have several ways to involve yourself with our club:-

1 Full Member : To join as a full member you need to be over 18years of age and pay a annual subscription, amount set a the A.G.M. every year.

This membership entitles you vote at all meetings have first priority with tickets for any events and to be fully included with everything in the club

2 Associate Membership:- this membership is one that less commitment is required also the fee is 50% of the full membership, you are able to attend all meetings fund raising etc but you do not receive a vote, you are however most welcome to make comments at meeting and give your view on aspects of the club,

This is also the membership for Juveniles under the age of 18yrs.

Juveniles can only join the club if their parents are with them at all times ( This is due to new legislation requiring any person 18yrs and under to be chaperoned at all times when partaking any activities of the club, the full effects are still being discussed and we will keep this site update with further info as released)

3. We also have friends of the club whose details are kept and they are requested to help out when and where needed,

If you would like to assist in any of these roles please contact the Secretary

What ever role you join there is a 3 month probationary period, whereby you get to look at the club and its members, and we get to know you. During this period no fees are payable and no voting rites will be incurred.

Contact the Secretary by e mail


By Letter



BA11 4BT


Please Note:- The telephone Numbers listed below are not to be used in anyway for applicattion for work at Glastonbury Festival, anyone calling these number will be removed from the application list.

The reason for this is members do this on a voluntree basis and also work and are unable to answer queries or accept details whilst at work. email and if necessary a member will CONTACT YOU


President :  Dick Goodenough
Life Member:  Dick Evans
                      Tony Bennet
Vice Presidents:  Mike Williams, Pamela Parker ,Dave Knox Gwen Knox, 

Chairman: Lee Jordan
Vice Chairman: Pam Parker  01373 302946 -  07753407145

Secretary: Lucy Selway 07948612174

Treasurer: Kelvin Coles 01380 730780  -  07852718233
Mike Rees
Dick Evans
Brian Heal
Kelvin Coles
Tony Maries
Jan Welsby
Nickie Cooke
Charlotte Pimm
Ben Pimm
Dave Rose
Jamie Wilson
Nikki Cooke
Oli Pimm
Kelly Lambert
Lucy Selway
Ashley Selway
Theo Selway
Vicky Martin
Lee Jordan
Oscar Jordan
Dick Goodenough
Pam Parker
Mike Williams
Adam Pimm
Brian Heal
Gordon Grierson
Kat Grierson
Theo Selway
Dean Wilson
Gemma Wilson

Friends of the Club

Trevor Knight                                 Shiela Petherbridge

Dave Page                                    Phil New

Dave Rose                                    Jane New

Richard Painter

Mike Rees